What do You need to Know About Recharging Your AC System’s Gas?

Air conditioning, which was considered a luxury once, is now a typical attribute of many motor vehicles. While servicing of AC systems can be delegated to experts, you can fully enjoy such system if you know a bit about how it works and what malfunctions you should be on a lookout. It is, therefore, a need to know some ways on recharging your AC systems gas:

1. AC system can produce foul smell due to bacterial buildup

As your car gets older, or when you seldom use your AC system, bacteria, fungi, mold and other microorganisms may have started to grow in the dash panel of your evaporator, which produce a foul smell. This can certainly be some reasons why headaches and flu-like symptoms are experienced by the owner and its riders. With proper application of anti-bacterial treatment, it can destroy the bacterial growth and have your car smelling fresh once again.

2. If the AC system of your car doesn’t feel cold, have it serviced

You may need servicing if you feel your car doesn’t provide the adequate coldness for comfort. Some AC system in vehicles are not covered by many manufacturers servicing schedules while the refrigerant gas to operate the system is depleted over time. On the average, many vehicles lose their coldness up to 15% per year. The leakage may be due to failure to use the AC system during wintertime. The small ring seal will dry out which will gradually deteriorate the system performance. If not corrected soon, the AC system will not function at all. This is when you need recharging your AC systems gas.

3. Frequently using your AC all year round will upkeep the system

Even if it’s wintertime, you can run the AC as it keeps the system well-greased and leak-tight. The refrigerants carry the oil and grease the system and the compressor. This will also keep the hoses and seal wet. With such, you prevent these parts of the AC system from cracking and drying out, which may result in leakage.

4. Fix if you hear strange noises from your AC systems

If your AC systems start to make noise when switched on, you need to bring it to a specialist to fix and maintain its working condition. The noise may be signs that the compressor is failing, which makes the AC pump. This may also need recharging your AC systems gas. The compressor is the most expensive part of the system and may mean a major overhaul if it breaks down.

5. Just relax if a puddle of water forms under your car after the AC is used

If you see a pool of water on the ground, there is nothing to be alarmed of. It’s a normal feature of the system once its evaporator drips.

6. Have a servicing agency check your AC system regularly!

Even if there are no visible problems with your AC System, have it checked regularly especially that the compressor needs oil. The filter collects moisture and debris and when it’s blocked, the performance of the AC system will decline and will not work properly. You can have your vehicle checked once or twice a year just to keep recharging your AC systems gas to guarantee comfort whenever you’re driving in your car. You can find quality aircon gas top up Malaysia online so there’s no need to worry.

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