Parts of the AC that Needs Proper Maintenance

If you own an AC unit at home, be aware that it is not going to stay in its best functional shape without any effort from you. You need to understand that this is a device that can be easily subjected to wear and tear and can lose refrigerant when you don’t closely monitor it. Which is why it is important that you will take the time to get to know what are the specific things that you can do to keep it maintained and in its best shape.

Maintenance can be done DIY, which is a good thing. This means that there is going to be no need for you to have to call the experts every time. Learning which specific parts of the unit you should be paying close attention to is necessary so you can trust that you are indeed getting it the servicing it needs to not only make it function more efficiently but to extend its lifespan as well.

Air filters

Make it a point to have them cleaned on a monthly basis. They tend to catch a lot of dirt and dust and debris and even small insects and parasites so, it is crucial that they are cleaned up regularly before they get locked. A blocked filter is going to cause less air to get through which means at the system is likely going to have to double, even triple this effort to work and as a result, it consumes more energy while producing less cool air.

If you find that there are damages and holes on the filter, make sure to have it replaced. It will not be able to efficiently do what it’s supposed to when to is not in the peak shape, to begin with. So, aside from cleaning up, do inspections to ensure that there are no holes in it.

Condenser coils

You need to get them cleaned at last per season. Over time, dirt and dust are going to build up inside these coils. The buildup will require the system to have to work harder so that it can remove the heat. This will cause higher energy consumption and an equally higher monthly bill.

Whenever the cooling season starts, make sure that the condenser coils are cleaned up first. You will need to have the unit removed from its cabinet to get access to these coils. They can be cleaned using a soft bristle brush or with blowing compressed air. Make sure you have a spray bottle on hand too filled with a household cleaner to make sure that the dirt is properly wiped off.

Water pan

Make sure to have this part of the AC unit cleaned up too. This is to prevent mold from growing as well as make sure that you will not have to deal with musty odor when the unit is on. Use a dish detergent, warm water or white vintage to get the inside cleaned. This is something that you need to do every time you take the unit out to get the condenser coils cleaned.

If you are not too sure about what you are doing, call the experts. Some professionals can be tasked to service the unit for you. Do not commit common mistakes owners do to their air-conditioners.

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