Keene State Nursing Program in the Works

While the proposed nursing program at Keene State College may have upfront costs, it is intended to pay for itself with students’ tuition.

Student Tuition Will Pay for Program

Jay Kahn, Vice president of Financial Planning at KSC, said that within the second year of having a nursing program, it will be a net gain to the college instead of a financial expense.  Staff salaries and lab materials are costs in implementing the program, but lab space will not be one of the expenses.  Because of partnerships, which permit the nursing students to do lab work at off-campus locations, tuition will allow the program to pay for itself. 

Partnerships Provide for Additional Lab Space

Keene State has partnerships with Cheshire Medical Center and River Valley Community college, of which both have simulation labs.  Because KSC has these partnerships, students can do their lab work off-campus at these locations.  The simulation labs are million dollar labs, and because of KSC’s partnerships, there will be no cost of building new labs on campus.

                                                          Program Passes KSC Senate

Dean of Professional Studies, Melinda Treadwell wrote the nursing program proposal because of the demand for another nursing program in the state of New Hampshire.  The Keene State College Senate voted in favor of the proposal with 20 in favor, and three in opposition.  The New Hampshire Board of Nursing will consider their approval of the program in December.  If the program proposal does not pass the Board of Nursing, New Hampshire will continue to only have three bachelor degree nursing programs, which are at University of New Hampshire, Saint Anselm’s, and Colby Sawyer.    If passed by the Board, the program would be introduced to Keene State sophomores as early as January of 2012.

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