Summer is the most challenging time for the air conditioner. You will observe how it strives to perform its cooling task, but sometimes the defect is not on the device per se but with the poor maintenance. This could even result in high energy consumption and insufficient coldness you can feel especially during hot and humid days hence; we are going to find the reasons behind why our air conditioning is not doing well.

How To Troubleshoot The Insufficient Coldness

Air conditioner gives great ease to us people especially in summer, but there are times the coldness from our air conditioner is very low. Check out below on how you can troubleshoot and make it work well again.

  1. If you notice you are still uncomfortable despite the fact that the air conditioner is already on, chances are the air conditioner’s filter might be dirty or clogged. We constantly remind our dearest readers to change the filter of the AC at least once a month especially if you own a pet. Their fur or other small particles might already clog the system making it unable to perform at its best.
  2. There might be leaks that give entrance to the warm air, so you need to inspect and seal the window of the air conditioner as puncture or burst as it will sip the cold air out. It is just the same as refrigerator which you left open for the whole day that this will condense the ice and unable to transform it back until you have close the refrigerator again.
  3. There might be some heating device like lamp or television that is near to the air conditioner. If it is placed too near to the thermostat of the air conditioner, it can sense warm from these home appliances which could mean that it needs to double its effort and it will take a longer time to cool the place.
  4. Other causes of insufficient coldness are the blocked registers of the air conditioner. It is important that you will see once in a while vacuum the registers to remove build up dust and dirt that could impede the flow of cold air.
  5. Ensure that you have set the thermostat at the right setting. If you have set the thermostat on the wrong setting thinking that this would save you electricity cost, then you are thinking wrong. The air conditioner will just struggle on its work making it doubling its effort and consumes more energy. The higher you set the temperature, the more you can save on the cost.
  6. Always remember that if you own a window type air conditioner, the coolness might be uneven because this type of device does not offer coolness for the whole house especially if there is division or section in the house and you need to do some set the thermostat depending on where you are located in the room.
  7. Change the location where you place the thermostat if it catches some sun rays. The heat coming from outside could hinder the performance of your air conditioner, or you can at least put shades or blind to block the sunlight.
  8. You might have place indoor plants near the compressor. This could prevent the airstream and affects the coldness of the space so make sure you have placed it six feet away from the unit to enjoy more comfort and coldness.
  9. Have you forgotten its yearly checkup? A technician could inspect the parts and components of the air conditioners before you experience worse problems. This will also save you from discomfort during extremely hot weather conditions.


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