7 Ways To Troubleshoot Insufficient Coldness Of AC

Summer is the most challenging time for the air conditioner. You will observe how it strives to perform its cooling task, but sometimes the defect is not on the device per se but with the poor maintenance. This could even result in high energy consumption and insufficient coldness you can feel especially during hot and humid days hence; we are going to find the reasons behind why our air conditioning is not doing well.

How To Troubleshoot The Insufficient Coldness

Air conditioner gives great ease to us people especially in summer, but there are times the coldness from our air conditioner is very low. Check out below on how you can troubleshoot and make it work well again.

  1. If you notice you are still uncomfortable despite the fact that the air conditioner is already on, chances are the air conditioner’s filter might be dirty or clogged. We constantly remind our dearest readers to change the filter of the AC at least once a month especially if you own a pet. Their fur or other small particles might already clog the system making it unable to perform at its best.
  2. There might be leaks that give entrance to the warm air, so you need to inspect and seal the window of the air conditioner as puncture or burst as it will sip the cold air out. It is just the same as refrigerator which you left open for the whole day that this will condense the ice and unable to transform it back until you have close the refrigerator again.
  3. There might be some heating device like lamp or television that is near to the air conditioner. If it is placed too near to the thermostat of the air conditioner, it can sense warm from these home appliances which could mean that it needs to double its effort and it will take a longer time to cool the place.
  4. Other causes of insufficient coldness are the blocked registers of the air conditioner. It is important that you will see once in a while vacuum the registers to remove build up dust and dirt that could impede the flow of cold air.
  5. Ensure that you have set the thermostat at the right setting. If you have set the thermostat on the wrong setting thinking that this would save you electricity cost, then you are thinking wrong. The air conditioner will just struggle on its work making it doubling its effort and consumes more energy. The higher you set the temperature, the more you can save on the cost.
  6. Always remember that if you own a window type air conditioner, the coolness might be uneven because this type of device does not offer coolness for the whole house especially if there is division or section in the house and you need to do some set the thermostat depending on where you are located in the room.
  7. Change the location where you place the thermostat if it catches some sun rays. The heat coming from outside could hinder the performance of your air conditioner, or you can at least put shades or blind to block the sunlight.
  8. You might have place indoor plants near the compressor. This could prevent the airstream and affects the coldness of the space so make sure you have placed it six feet away from the unit to enjoy more comfort and coldness.
  9. Have you forgotten its yearly checkup? A technician could inspect the parts and components of the air conditioners before you experience worse problems. This will also save you from discomfort during extremely hot weather conditions.


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What Are the Big Differences between Air Conditioner Overhaul and Standard Air Conditioner Servicing?

Are you familiar with standard air conditioner servicing and air conditioner overhaul? If not, do you know that there are big differences between these two air conditioning unit services? If you want to know what these big differences are, you can read the list below to help you.

Here is the list of the big differences between air conditioner overhaul and standard air conditioner servicing.

  1. Standard Air Conditioner Servicing Is Preventative Measure While the Other Is Not

One big difference of standard air conditioner servicing compared to air conditioner overhaul is that it is called a preventative procedure. This means that it is done to maintain the good condition of the air conditioning unit while an air conditioner overhaul is not since that that is done to repair the damages that the air conditioning unit has. With this, standard air conditioner servicing is advisable for those air conditioning units that only have simple maintenance and repairs while the other one is for dealing with serious air conditioner problems which is more preferable instead of buying new replacements.

  1. Air Conditioner Overhaul Replace Some Parts of the Unit

Standard air conditioner servicing is for maintaining the good state while air conditioner overhaul is for bringing back the good state that it has before. With this, you need to know that when you opt for an air conditioner overhaul it means that it needs to replace or change some parts of the air conditioning unit so that it can ensure that the air conditioning unit would function very well and properly. Not only that it replaces the parts that are not functioning well but it is also clean the small parts and components that are inside the unit. With this, you can be assured that by doing this, it can prevent the air conditioning units from having breakdowns and damages which can also lead to destruction of the unit.

  1. Standard Air Conditioner Servicing Can Prolong the Unit’s Life

If your air conditioning unit is still in good condition, then it is better to do a standard air conditioner servicing as compared to air conditioner overhaul since that it deals with serious problems and repairs. By doing this, you can be assured that your air conditioning unit can prolong its life which can prevent you from buying new replacements. With this, it only goes to show that standard air conditioner servicing is the best and ideal solution for keeping the good condition of your air conditioning unit as if it is still new.

Now that you have the idea on what are the big differences between air conditioner overhaul and standard air conditioner servicing, you are now also more familiar and knowledgeable about these two. You can now also identify which one is best for your needs and will meet your required standards and preferences. If you want to know more about this, you can ask an air conditioner expert to help you.  To find out more, follow their twitter or learn more at www.coolearth.com.sg


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Simple Troubleshooting Techniques to Identify Why Your Aircon is not Blowing Cold Air

The extreme sunlight is scorching, making you uncomfortable and irritated. And you should ask why your air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air. Frustrating, right? During the middle of summer when most aircon repair companies are fully booked, you need to make sure that you can identify the problem first before calling the first company in your local area. It will help you determine if you need a chemical wash or other aircon services. Here are the following troubleshooting techniques that can help you to determine these issues.

1. Checking your air filter

The most common causes of aircon problems is a dirty and clogged air filter. Hence, you should consider checking your air filter if it’s accumulated dust and dirt. Most especially if you have pets running around or your aircon is working non-stop, there is a big possibility that the air filter of your unit is not in good condition anymore.

2. Checking for air leakage

Aside from dirty air filters, air leakage can also cause severe problems in the long run. A damaged fan motor can also cause the problem. Make sure that you check your air filter first, as what we’ve mentioned above, to ensure the proper airflow of the unit. Some closed supply vents can also cause a restriction in your airflow. There is a special tool needed when it comes to checking the fan motor. If you have the right tools and enough knowledge, you can proceed on testing it first to determine if it’s causing the issue. But if not, then you might want to hire a professional instead to do the job.

3. Vacuuming the registers

You might want to vacuum the register to ensure that the dust buildup is thoroughly removed as well. Especially if you are using your air-conditioning unit for both heating and cooling system, it will be most likely to accumulate dust. Also, make sure that there are no objects that can block the airflow through the registers because it can also lead to an issue in the long run.

4. Keeping your unit shaded

As much as possible, you should make sure that your air conditioning unit is correctly shaded from extreme sunlight. For instance, if you’re going to place your unit in a window that receives most of the sunlight every day, it can be very hard to achieve the desired temperature. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep your shades and curtains are drawn during the day especially the summer period. Keep the plants away from the AC unit to ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow of the unit.

Now that you know basic troubleshooting techniques in determining the problem of your AC unit, you can use it as your guide in instances where your unit fails to work correctly. It will not only save you money from expensive repair, but it can also help you to avoid scammers fooling you of a severe problem found in the unit where in fact, all it needs is air filter replacement. You don’t need to be an expert in identifying issues with your unit. However, if you need an expert you can go to http://billyaircon.business.site to get help.

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What do You need to Know About Recharging Your AC System’s Gas?

Air conditioning, which was considered a luxury once, is now a typical attribute of many motor vehicles. While servicing of AC systems can be delegated to experts, you can fully enjoy such system if you know a bit about how it works and what malfunctions you should be on a lookout. It is, therefore, a need to know some ways on recharging your AC systems gas:

1. AC system can produce foul smell due to bacterial buildup

As your car gets older, or when you seldom use your AC system, bacteria, fungi, mold and other microorganisms may have started to grow in the dash panel of your evaporator, which produce a foul smell. This can certainly be some reasons why headaches and flu-like symptoms are experienced by the owner and its riders. With proper application of anti-bacterial treatment, it can destroy the bacterial growth and have your car smelling fresh once again.

2. If the AC system of your car doesn’t feel cold, have it serviced

You may need servicing if you feel your car doesn’t provide the adequate coldness for comfort. Some AC system in vehicles are not covered by many manufacturers servicing schedules while the refrigerant gas to operate the system is depleted over time. On the average, many vehicles lose their coldness up to 15% per year. The leakage may be due to failure to use the AC system during wintertime. The small ring seal will dry out which will gradually deteriorate the system performance. If not corrected soon, the AC system will not function at all. This is when you need recharging your AC systems gas.

3. Frequently using your AC all year round will upkeep the system

Even if it’s wintertime, you can run the AC as it keeps the system well-greased and leak-tight. The refrigerants carry the oil and grease the system and the compressor. This will also keep the hoses and seal wet. With such, you prevent these parts of the AC system from cracking and drying out, which may result in leakage.

4. Fix if you hear strange noises from your AC systems

If your AC systems start to make noise when switched on, you need to bring it to a specialist to fix and maintain its working condition. The noise may be signs that the compressor is failing, which makes the AC pump. This may also need recharging your AC systems gas. The compressor is the most expensive part of the system and may mean a major overhaul if it breaks down.

5. Just relax if a puddle of water forms under your car after the AC is used

If you see a pool of water on the ground, there is nothing to be alarmed of. It’s a normal feature of the system once its evaporator drips.

6. Have a servicing agency check your AC system regularly!

Even if there are no visible problems with your AC System, have it checked regularly especially that the compressor needs oil. The filter collects moisture and debris and when it’s blocked, the performance of the AC system will decline and will not work properly. You can have your vehicle checked once or twice a year just to keep recharging your AC systems gas to guarantee comfort whenever you’re driving in your car. You can find quality aircon gas top up Malaysia online so there’s no need to worry.

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Parts of the AC that Needs Proper Maintenance

If you own an AC unit at home, be aware that it is not going to stay in its best functional shape without any effort from you. You need to understand that this is a device that can be easily subjected to wear and tear and can lose refrigerant when you don’t closely monitor it. Which is why it is important that you will take the time to get to know what are the specific things that you can do to keep it maintained and in its best shape.

Maintenance can be done DIY, which is a good thing. This means that there is going to be no need for you to have to call the experts every time. Learning which specific parts of the unit you should be paying close attention to is necessary so you can trust that you are indeed getting it the servicing it needs to not only make it function more efficiently but to extend its lifespan as well.

Air filters

Make it a point to have them cleaned on a monthly basis. They tend to catch a lot of dirt and dust and debris and even small insects and parasites so, it is crucial that they are cleaned up regularly before they get locked. A blocked filter is going to cause less air to get through which means at the system is likely going to have to double, even triple this effort to work and as a result, it consumes more energy while producing less cool air.

If you find that there are damages and holes on the filter, make sure to have it replaced. It will not be able to efficiently do what it’s supposed to when to is not in the peak shape, to begin with. So, aside from cleaning up, do inspections to ensure that there are no holes in it.

Condenser coils

You need to get them cleaned at last per season. Over time, dirt and dust are going to build up inside these coils. The buildup will require the system to have to work harder so that it can remove the heat. This will cause higher energy consumption and an equally higher monthly bill.

Whenever the cooling season starts, make sure that the condenser coils are cleaned up first. You will need to have the unit removed from its cabinet to get access to these coils. They can be cleaned using a soft bristle brush or with blowing compressed air. Make sure you have a spray bottle on hand too filled with a household cleaner to make sure that the dirt is properly wiped off.

Water pan

Make sure to have this part of the AC unit cleaned up too. This is to prevent mold from growing as well as make sure that you will not have to deal with musty odor when the unit is on. Use a dish detergent, warm water or white vintage to get the inside cleaned. This is something that you need to do every time you take the unit out to get the condenser coils cleaned.

If you are not too sure about what you are doing, call the experts. Some professionals can be tasked to service the unit for you. Do not commit common mistakes owners do to their air-conditioners.

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History of Keene Wire

The Journalism major at Keene State College provides and maintains an intellectual environment dedicated to the investigation of the roles of the mass media in contemporary society within a liberal arts perspective. The major provides students with a theoretical understanding of the media and prepares them for careers in the field by enabling them to build both print and electronic media skills in an applied setting. The curriculum emphasizes the concepts of press objectivity, fairness, accuracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, as well as the development of analytical writing, research, production, and presentation skills.

The curriculum covers the skill areas of journalistic writing, editing, electronic journalism, and news production. It includes at least 40 credit hours of study within Journalism. A grade C or higher must be earned in each Journalism course or Journalism course substitution counted toward the major.

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